Tillamook High School Alumni Scholarship Fund, Inc

Tillamook High School Alumni Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

EIN: 93-1238896

Source of Funds: THS reunions, Memorials and Individual bequests.

IRS: Donations are tax deductible. 

Established: 1991 under the leadership of Classes 1941, 1942 & 1943

Purpose: To provide on-going scholarship funds for THS graduates.

Bylaws, application criteria, and any other information of the 

THS ASF can be requested by email, written correspondence  or a phone call. All information is shown on the Contact page.

The Tillamook High School Alumni Scholarship Fund has been awarding scholarships to Tillamook graduates since 1992 and has awarded more than $201,500 to 101 THS students.  THS-ASF is a non-profit organization and does not solicit donations.  Donations are given in the form of memorials, honorariums and reunion monies.  Any form of donation is gladly accepted.  The THS-ASF has collected more than $300,000 in donations since 1991. 

There are currently seven Board Directors who meet once a month, January through May and September through November.  Any graduate of Tillamook High School is welcome to join the committee or a Board Director simply by attending a meeting and showing a willingness to participate. 

In 2015 the THS-ASF Board of Director implemented a post graduate scholarship for THS graduates who have been out of high school for at least one year.  Please see the webpage entitled "THS-ASF Post Graduate Scholarship" for criteria and further information.

Awarding scholarships to Tillamook High School graduates since 1992 

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